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Press Articles

LinkedIn /23.06.2021/
Interview with Dariush Aryeh, Advisor
Hedge Fund Alert /20.01.2021/
Banner Year for 2 Multi-Manager Stalwarts
LinkedIn /07.04.2020/
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Alternative Investment Council and Fundana /30.04.2019/
The Alternative Investment Council’s new brochure and how alternative investments can improve portfolios
AIMA Perspectives /16.04.2018/
Industry Leaders on the Future of the Hedge Fund Industry
Denaris /22.03.2018/
2018: The Year of Hedge Funds and Alternative Equity
Swiss Fund Platform /14.03.2018/
On Movies and Hedge Funds
CityWire Selector /20.02.2018/
L/S Equity Will Dominate 2018, Says Swiss Advisory Chief
Bloomberg Briefs /28.07.2017/
Hedge Funds Europe Fundana Seeks Equity Managers for Fund of Funds
Opalesque /13.03.2017/
Roundtable Series '17
AIMA Journal Edition 109 /20.01.2017/
"Hard times come to hedge funds"...again
L'Agefi Indices /01.11.2016/
Peut-on espérer une reprise ?
Eurabia Media /17.10.2016/
Thomas Alessie interview
Invest'News /21.09.2016/
Hedge Funds: d’une crise à la reprise sans surprise?
AIMA Paper: In Concert /09.09.2016/
Exploring the alignment of interests between hedge fund managers and investors
GSCGI - WealthGram /25.08.2016/
Placements & techniques de gestion
Schweizer Personalvorsorge /08.06.2016/
Das Performance-Gesetz
Prévoyance Professionnelle Suisse /08.06.2016/
La loi de la performance
Invest’News /26.05.2016/
Keine Flocken im Winter: Sollten wir die Hedgefonds fallen lassen?
Invest'News /26.05.2016/
Pas de flocons cette saison. Faut-il abandonner les hedge funds?
The IFA's Wealth Gram /09.05.2016/
Une stratégie asymétrique pour une gestion responsable !
Press Release /22.04.2016/
Prima Capital Fund wins Best Overall Fund of Hedge Funds at HFM European Hedge Fund Performance Awards 2016
Fundana - Salon PPS 2016 /08.03.2016/
Es hat nicht geschneit. Deshalb das Skifahren aufgeben?
L'Agefi Indices /23.02.2016/
Il n'a pas neigé à Noël. Abandonnons le ski!
Press Release /12.01.2016/
Fundana becomes an authorized asset manager regulated by FINMA
Hedge Funds Review /22.12.2015/
Fundana wins Best Specialist FoHF over $500m over three years
Press Release /01.12.2015/
Prima Capital wins Best Specialist Fund of Hedge Fund over $500m over 3 years at Hedge Fund Review Awards 2015!
AIMA / CAIA Association paper /09.11.2015/
Helping Trustees Navigate the Hedge Fund Sector Paper 2: Portfolio Transformers
Press Release /02.11.2015/
Prima Capital wins Best Fund of Hedge Funds Long/Short Equity over 10 years at BANCOawards 2015!
Swiss Global Finance /13.10.2015/
Sélection de talents: Comment dénicher les perles rares ?
HFM Week /05.08.2015/

Don't Get Caught Out Through Background Checks

Bloomberg Brief /13.07.2015/
Fundana to Add Long-Short Equity, Event-Driven Funds
Fundana - Salon PPS 2015 /16.06.2015/
Numéro de rétrospective Messerückblick
Salon PPS 2015 - Leçons d'astronautes /02.04.2015/
Comment gérer les risques avant les catastrophes ?
L'Agefi /24.02.2015/
Coup de chance ou coup de génie ?
Opalesque Roundtable /19.02.2015/
Swiss pensions : opportunities but also strong headwinds for alternatives
SwissBanking /03.02.2015/
Swiss Asset Management White Paper ASB
L'Agefi /30.01.2015/
Approche interdisciplinaire pour la gestion alternative
InvestNews /05.12.2014/
Remettez vos casques !
Market /02.12.2014/
La vente à découvert: spéculation ou gestion du risque ?
Swiss Global Finance Magazine /12.11.2014/
Asymmetrische Strategien für eine verantwortungsbewusste Anlageverwaltung !
Swiss Global Finance Magazine /12.11.2014/
Asymmetrische Strategien für eine verantwortungsbewusste Anlageverwaltung !
L'Agefi /22.10.2014/
Stratégie event driven: anomalie ou reprise ?
Market /10.10.2014/
Gérants d'influence : Thomas Alessie
Hedgegate /10.09.2014/
The Prima Capital Fund receives the best possible Hedgegate Total Risk Rating
AIMA Journal /12.08.2014/
Which strategies can trustees trust ? by Cédric Kohler
L'Agefi /05.06.2014/
L’attrait des stratégies asymétriques dans le contexte actuel des marchés
Le Temps /21.05.2014/
What do Winston Churchill, Niki Lauda, the Internet and Hedge Funds have in common?
Le Temps /21.05.2014/
Was haben Winston Churchill, Niki Lauda, das Internet und Hedgefonds gemeinsam?
Le Temps /21.05.2014/
Winston Churchill, Niki Lauda et les hedge funds
Patrimoine /15.05.2014/
Les Hedge Funds font leur timide retour
Hedge Fund Intelligence /10.03.2014/
Consultants change the Billion Dollar Club ecosystem
GSCGI - WealthGram /17.02.2014/
Les événements à ne pas manquer pour réussir 2014
InvestHedge /31.12.2013/
Billion Dollar Club List - 2013 /04.12.2013/
Risk management at heart of Prima Capital FoHF success
Market /11.06.2013/
Twenty Years without Poker
Bloomberg /18.05.2013/
Bloomberg Brief – interview of Bruno Guillemin
Hedge Fund Intelligence /14.05.2013/
Lessons learned from the old and wise over two decades-plus of hedge fund investing
L'Agefi /06.05.2013/
Nouveau cantique pour les Européens
Invest News /05.05.2013/
Guide 2013 für Vermögensverwalter
Invest News /05.05.2013/
Le guide 2013 des gérants de patrimoine
Bloomberg /04.04.2013/
Finding Top Hedge Funds
Fundana /12.01.2013/
Why Equity Long/Short ?
Banco /15.12.2012/
La fin des “black boxes” ? interview with Thomas Alessie
OPALESQUE new managers /29.10.2012/
Fundana Series V
L'Agefi /12.09.2012/
Changing environment has fundamentally changed the way we work
OPALESQUE new managers /20.08.2012/
Fundana Series IV
OPALESQUE new managers /25.06.2012/
Fundana Series III
OPALESQUE new managers /25.05.2012/
Fundana Series II
OPALESQUE new managers /26.04.2012/
Fundana Series
Investment & Pensions Europe /25.04.2012/
Special Report Boutique Asset Managers
L'Agefi /07.02.2012/
Darwinian era for hedge funds
Opalesque /17.01.2012/
Round Table Series ‘12
L’Agefi /29.11.2011/
Structures adapted to growth
InvestHedge /10.06.2011/
Fundana’s three-tier approach drives top managers to its core
L’Agefi /20.12.2010/
Of the importance of the manager in the alternative management
L'Illustré /30.06.2010/
Droit & Argent, Apprivoiser les Hedge Funds
Le Temps /18.05.2010/
L'embellie de la gestion alternative ne profite pas à toute l'industrie, in collaboration with D. Aryeh
Invest’News /19.02.2010/
Fundana S.A. – L’alternatif : perspectives 2010
L'Agefi /18.01.2010/
Fundana S.A. - A promising year for active managers
L'Agefi /05.12.2009/
Fundana S.A. - Renaissance of Small Funds
L'Agefi /12.06.2009/
Fundana S.A. - A new Golden Age for the Alternative Investments
L'Agefi /29.09.2008/
Fundana SA - Financial Crisis Special
Banque & Finance /19.12.2007/
D. Aryeh
Le Temps /19.09.2007/
M. Gerber
Le Temps /22.11.2005/
M. Gerber
BancoHedge /23.08.2005/
Case Study CTA
Banque & Finance /17.06.2005/
D. Aryeh
Le Temps /04.04.2005/
M. Gerber
Hedge Fund World Conference, Zurich /10.11.2004/
Overview of Hedge Funds Categories, by T. Alessie
BancoHedge /14.10.2004/
Case Study Convertible Arbitrage
BancoHedge /15.06.2004/
Case Study Risk Arbitrage
Banque & Finance /15.05.2004/
Dariush D. Aryeh
Banco /15.06.2001/
Study by T. Alessie
L'Agefi /13.01.1998/
Leu Prima Global
Le Nouveau Quotidien /08.12.1997/
Leu Prima Global

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