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April 1, 1993

Long/Short Equity

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Prima Capital Fund provides access to a concentrated portfolio of the best Long/Short Equity managers, which is carefully managed by a dedicated team with a 30-year track record managing the same strategy.

Long/Short Equity funds use a simple strategy, which combines with high levels of transparency to give investors the ability to really monitor their investments. Investing only in listed equities avoids illiquidity risks. Together, these factors generate long term performance.

Prima Capital Fund invests with mid-size managers who are both superior stock pickers as well as excellent risk managers.

Typically, the portfolio comprises 20 to 25 positions, with the top 10 representing 60% to 80% of the NAV. Aggregated exposures at the portfolio level are typically +40% to +60% Net and approximately 140% Gross.


  • June 7, 2024
  • USD Class A
  • EUR Class D
  • CHF Class C
  • GBP Class E

NAV MTD YTD 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 Since
614.63 0.91% 6.39% 20.56% -21.38% -1.43% 20.14% 11.83% Apr-93
375.72 0.88% 5.72% 17.61% -23.62% -2.42% 18.58% 8.44% Jul-04
246.57 0.83% 4.66% 15.18% -23.86% -2.58% 18.51% 8.14% Sep-96
301.42 0.90% 6.28% 19.07% -22.80% -1.82% 18.67% 9.63% Jan-13

Fund Terms

Liquidity: Monthly subscription with 2 business days notice.
Monthly redemption with 35 days notice, no lock-up.

Redemption Penalty: No

Weekly NAV estimate: Yes



Custody Bank
Credit Suisse Luxembourg

Credit Suisse Fund Services Luxembourg

PwC Luxembourg

Investment Manager
Fundana S.A.

DA Advisory S.A.

Why Prima Capital Fund?


Access a concentrated portfolio of the best Long/Short Equity managers.

Risk management:

A dedicated and experienced team and a portfolio approach removes the risks of investing in a single manager.


Monthly liquidity for all investors, whilst many hedge funds have quarterly or worse liquidity terms.

Fee discount:

Size and reputation enable the Fund to negotiate fee reductions, totaling 0.8% of NAV per year on average.

Track record:

30-year track record with the same strategy demonstrates the long-term benefits of the Fund’s approach.


  • Class A - USD
  • Class C - CHF
  • Class D - EUR
  • Class E - GBP

ISIN Bloomberg Telekurs CUSIP
VGG7238P1062 PRMCAPI <EQUITY> 47700 G7238P 106
VGG7238PAA45 PRMCAPC <EQUITY> 513948 G7238P AA4
VGG7238P1146 PRMCAPD <EQUITY> 1865947 G7238P 114
VGG7238P1229 PRMCAPE <EQUITY> 3364837 G7238P 122

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